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DIM Module  - PL-EM***
Hard Disk Drive Unit  - PL-HD***
Flash File Disk Unit  - PL-FF210
CF Card Unit  - PL-CF200
Floppy Disk Drive for the Front Panel of PL-5900 Series  - PL-FD500
Floppy Disk Drive Unit for the Side Panel <3.5 in.>  - PL-FD200
Floppy Disk Drive Unit for the Front Panel <3.5 in.>  - PL-FD210
-5V/-12V Power Supply Unit  - PL-PW100
LAN Board  - DAX-IET02
ISA Full Size Board Cover

 - PL-FC***

RS232C/485 Conversion Unit  - PL-RC500
19-inch Mount Panel  - PL-RM200
Display Cable for PL Series  - PL-CB200
CF Card  - GP077-CF20

Maintenance Options
USB Front Access Unit  - PL-US200
CD-ROM Drive for Development/Maintenance  - PL-DK200
Hard Disk Drive to maintain Mirror Disk Unit  - PL-MD200-MD01

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