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I/O Unit (Flex Network)
64-point Unit  - FN-XY32SKS41
32-point Unit  - FN-X32TS41
 - FN-XY16SC41
 - FN-XY16SK41
16-point Unit  - FN-X16TS41
 - FN-XY08TS41
 - FN-Y16SC41
 - FN-Y16SK41
Relay 8-point Unit  - FN-Y08RL41
4 Channels Analog Unit  - FN-AD04AH11
 - FN-DA04AH11
2 Channels Analog Unit  - FN-AD02AH41 Last Updated: 2005.3.30
 - FN-DA02AH41 Last Updated: 2005.3.30
High-speed Counter Unit  - FN-HC10SK41
Single-axis Positioning Unit  - FN-PC10SK41
Teaching Loader for Single Axis Positioning Unit  - FN-PC10LD41
Flex Network I/F Unit
(for GLC100/300 Series)
 - GLC100-FN41

VM (Video Mix) Unit  - GP2000-VM41
Bus Conversion Unit  - GLC300-BCB41
Sink Type DIO Unit
for GLC100/300 Series
 - GLC100-ST41
Source Type DIO Unit
for GLC100/300 Series
 - GLC100-RT41
Uniwire I/F Unit  - CGP-HUW

Screen Transfer Cable  - GPW-CB02
Printer Cable  - PSM-PRCB00
RS-232C Cable (5m)  - GP410-IS00-O
RS-422 Cable (5m)  - GP230-IS11-O
RS-422 Cable for Multi-Link (5m)  - GP230-IS12-O
RS-422 Cable
for 2-port Adapter II (5m)
 - GP070-MDCB11
Procon I/F Cable
for Mitsubishi PLC A Series (5m)
 - GP430-IP10-O
Procon I/F Cable
for Mitsubishi PLC FX Series (5m)
 - GP430-IP11-O
Flex Network Communication Cable (10m)  - FN-CABLE2010-31-MS

RS-422 Connector Terminal Block Conversion Adapter  - GP070-CN10-O
2-port Adapter II
for Mitsubishi PLC A/QnA/FX Series
 - GP070-MD11

CF Card
CF Card  - GP077-CF20
CF Card Adapter  - GP077-CFAD10
CF Card/Front Maintenance Unit  - GP077-CFFM10

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