Concerned Models And Corrected Revision List

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Series Model Corrected Revision
GP3000 Series GP-3750T AGP3750-T1-AF E or later
AGP3750-T1-D24 C or later
GP-36**T AGP3650-T1-AF D or later
AGP3600-T1-AF***** D or later
AGP3600-T1-D24***** D or later
GP-35**T/S/L AGP3560-T1-AF B or later
AGP3550-T1-AF D or later
AGP3510-T1-AF B or later
AGP3500-T1-AF***** D or later
AGP3500-T1-D24***** D or later
AGP3500-S1-AF***** D or later
AGP3500-S1-D24***** D or later
AGP3500-L1-D24 D or later
GP-330*T/S/L/B AGP3300-T1-D24***** G or later
AGP3300-S1-D24***** G or later
AGP3300-L1-D24***** G or later
AGP3301-S1-D24 G or later
AGP3301-L1-D24 G or later
AGP3302-B1-D24 G or later
PS3000 Series PS-37**A PS3710A-T41 B or later
PS3710A-T41-PA1 A or later
PS3711A-T41-24V C or later
PS3700A-T41-ASU-P41 K or later
PS3700A-T41-ASU-E66 K or later
PS3701A-T41-DU-E66 K or later
PS-36**A/G PS3650A-T41 D or later
PS3651A-T41 D or later
PS3600G-T41 C or later
PS3600G-T41-24V C or later
FP3000 Series FP-37**T FP3710-T41 A or later
FP3700-T41 G or later

How to confirm your revision

The revision version can be determined by the identification label or revision stickers that are placed on the main unit. The characters and numerals in the "REV" area that are replaced with asterisks (*), or marked with a marker indicate the revision version.

In the example below, the asterisks "*" are placed at positions "D", "1", and "2", which indicates the revision version as "D, 1, 2".

Identification Label

Revision Sticker

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